Psychotherapy and Counselling is also known as Talk Therapy. It is a medically recognised treatment for mental or emotional health issues. Other problems addressed by Psychotherapy include stress reduction, the impact of trauma, medical illness or loss. the death of a loved one, relationship issues as well as specific issues such as depression or anxiety.

Psychotherapy offers a confidential setting to talk about life's challenges with a professional therapist. Whether your experiencing difficulties or looking for deeper understanding of yourself, therapy can bring clarity and peace of mind and help you move forward in a more focused and positive way.

Therapy helps us reconnect with our inner wisdom, our personal strengths and gives us the tools  to regain control of our lives.

Counselling and Psychotherapy can help with:

  •    Panic attacks
  •    Relationship Issues
  •    Low self-esteem
  •    Depression
  •    Anxiety
  •    Bereavement grief and Loss
  •    Anger management
  •    Post/ante natal issues and birth trauma
  •    Addictions

And much more..


Sessions are by appointment only and last about one hour. Daytime and evening appointments are available from Monday to Friday.

Sessions usually cost €50 euro. I do offer some low cost counselling, please call me to discuss your needs.