Just as we inherit physical traits from our family's we can also inherit emotional and behavioral patterns. Family constellations is a unique opportunity to look at the hidden patterns and unwritten rules that occur in families and the impact that this may have on the individual.

This profound and deeply healing approach allows us to witness our family dynamics, understand our unconscious behaviors and break patterns that no longer serve us, allowing us to live healthier and more fulfilled lives.

Family constellations was developed by Bert Hellinger who describes a group conscience or family soul that is passed from generation to generation in an unconscious way and which influences the individuals of that family.

Unresolved family issues or trauma can somehow be taken on by subsequent generations in an unconscious attempt to re-establish balance. This can often lead us to assume patterns of behaviors and difficulties which do not originate with us. This method allows us to trace the roots offamily trauma and bring awareness to patterns that are destructive.


When we look at our parents we see that behind them are your parents. and behind them are other parents, and so on through many generations.
the same life flows through them until it reaches us
— Bert Hellinger

Constellations can be facilitated in a group as a three dimensional process or in a one to one session to gain insight about how your family's suffering may impact on your life.