I am a qualified Psychotherapist and CranioSacral therapist.  I am a fully accredited member of the Irish Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (IACP). I have a varied background in Biomedical science, teaching and complimentary healing modalities. This has allowed me to formulate a balanced approach to health and well being. I have a particular interest in the mind body connection and I have studied both biological and psychological sciences.

I work with a range of physical, mental and emotional issues and  specialise in helping adults and children with stress and anxiety.

My work as a Psychotherapist involves listening to my clients, and offering insight as well as tools to help my clients create a more fulfilling and peaceful life. Every counselling session is unique and focused on the clients particular needs. As your counsellor, I can listen to your story with compassion and work with you towards healing your past, reinforcing your inner strengths and creating opportunities for positive change.

Craniosacral therapy adds a deeper layer of listening to the body with my hands. The bodys' subtle rhythms offer information and wisdom that can be heard by gently connecting to the body. As a CranioSacral therapist I trust the clients innate ability to heal if they are listened to. this can have a profound and life changing effect.

The mind and body are often considered and treated as separate entities. However our mental and emotional health is intrinsically linked to our physical well being. mental health has a physical component, often we can become physically stressed or out of balance due to how we respond to external stressors. Likewise emotions are often held as tensions in the body and sometimes can be released with physical restrictions. in treating the body as a system that is inclusive of mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellness we can create and opportunity for integrated and holistic health.


  •    B.A. Integrative Counselling & Psychotherapy
  •    ASSIST (applied suicide intervention skills)
  •    Therapeutic use of Mindfulness
  •    Dip. Family Constellations Systemic Therapy
  •    Prof Dip. in Child and Adolescent Counselling and Psychotherapy.
  •    Prof. Cert in Craniosacral Therapy for Adults and Paediatrics
  •    Cert. in Anatomy and Physiology.
  •    BSc. Applied Biology